crrns_control November 2, 2018

Several weeks ago, two Tshirts mocking Jews were discovered being sold at Walmart in Aurora. They were found by a non Jew outraged at how “they crossed the line”. Calls were immediately made to both the B’nai Brith hot line for anti Semitic incidents and the Canadian Friends of Simon Wiesenthal.

Days later, Simon Wiesenthal’s Tracey Stein reported that one of her colleagues had spoken to the manager of the Walmart store. He confirmed that the two shirts have been removed from the floor. Instead, they are now selling shirts that says “Happy Hannukah” with a menorah and another that says “Let’s Roll” with the Star of David and Hebrew letters.

Stein said the Wiesenthal Centre “will continue to monitor the situation.”

Canada’s Foreign Minister, Christia Freedland, speaking in Jerusalem this week, warned that the Jewish community of Canada, the fourth largest Jewish community in the world, is likely to be the target for hate crimes. She spoke at a meeting hosted by the Israel Council on Foreign Relations and the Canadian Embassy. As a Canadian politician, she said, it was important to acknowledge that anti Semitism is very real.

She also told them that PM Trudeau would be making an apology in the House of Commons for Canada’s turning back of the German ship the St. Louis in l939, that carried 900 Jewish refugees. Most of them were murdered later in death camps.