crrns_control August 10, 2018

The Israeli flag waved bravely in the background on a sunny Monday afternoon, July 30, in front of the Israel Consulate at the corner of Bloor and Yonge Sts., as a vigil was held to commemorate the deaths of two Israeli young men.

Under cover of the violent rioting at the border fence, a Gazan sniper fired the bullet that killed Israeli soldier, Aviv Levi. He would have been 21 in two weeks.

Yotam Ovadia, was part of the border police and the father of two young children. He was buying groceries for a surprise dinner for his family when he was murdered.

The Vigil was conceived and organized by Renanah Gemeiner. When asked why she did it, she responded, “We did this because no else did. If our own children were murdered while protecting their family, we would weep and honour them. Aviv and Yotan are our children and they have been murdered because they were protecting the Jewish family and living in the Jewish homeland.”

At the root of the hostilities she believes, is the occupation lie that fuels the BDS movement and blocks the Middle East peace process.

“Both these murders and in fact the whole BDS movement are based on the occupation accusation and the concept of an Arab people called the Palestinians. But both the occupation accusation and the concept of an Arab national group called the Palestinians are without any truth,” she said.

“Owners can’t be occupiers.” This phrase was coined by Mark Vandermaas, the founder of Israel Truth Week. Historically, legally and by indigenous rights, Jews have every right to the Land of Israel.

Today, as Israel and its supporters face hostile votes in the UN; as BDS and Israel Apartheid Week erupt on campuses and rampant bias against Israel continues in the mainstream media, the lesser known, legal aspect has never been more central.

In l920, in San Remo Italy, all land west of the Jordan River, was granted to the Jewish people worldwide by the League of Nations – an act of international law, valid to this very day. It was called Palestine.

Instead of facilitating Jewish immigration to Palestine, as was their mandate, the British illegally allowed in huge numbers of Arabs, while blocking Jewish immigration before, during and after the Holocaust.

The Arabs who call themselves Palestinians latest falsehood, is that the Jewish people never actually lived in Israel. There is blatant rejection of the very idea of Jewish sovereignty anywhere in the Land and blinding refusal to accept Jewish legitimacy there.

The world must stop swallowing and abetting Arab lies and hatred, says Renanah. She believes there will never be peace if this continues. As long as the West allows their leaders to propagate these lies, they are accomplices in keeping the fires of war burning. And more people will die.