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In a barely publicized January 18 French-language interview with Quebec’s radio station FM 93, the host told Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he seems to have such a preference for Islam that many Canadians think he has become Muslim. Mr. Trudeau defended himself by stating unequivocally: “I am Catholic and that is my personal belief”.

The interview too place a few days after Trudeau was criticised for quickly condemning intolerance and “Islamophobia” following an 11 year old Muslim girl’s claim that she was attacked by an “Asian” man who cut her hijab with scissors. The “hijab attack” which became international news, turned out to be a hoax concocted by the girl. Trudeau never offered an apology for painting Canadians as racist bigots before the police had a chance to investigate the girl’s bogus claims.

The radio host also reminded Trudeau that the Prime Minister (who styles himself as a feminist and champion of women’s rights), visited gender-segregated mosques, that he supported the Islamic burka (a full-face Islamic face veil), and allowed ISIS jihadists to return to Canada.

During the interview , Trudeau spoke more about his support for the burka. As far as he is concerned, Canada must “defend the right of a woman to choose what she will wear or what she does not want to wear”.

When the host asked, “The burka, is it just a garment for you?” Trudeau responded by saying that the men did not have to impose it on their wives. The host asked: “But why would she want to wear that?” Trudeau replied that it was a religious belief, just like the Sikh turban, and that he had to defend this “personal choice”.

Trudeau has praised Muslims on numerous occasions. He has said that Muslims are an essential part of Canada, a great asset to the country, that Canada is fortunate to have a vibrant Muslim Community, that Muslim Canadians help make Canada the strong, diverse, and inclusive country it is today, and that he recognizes the invaluable contributions the Muslim community makes to the national fabric.

In 2013, when Trudeau was the leader of the Liberal Party, a video showed him praying at a mosque in Surrey, British Columbia during Ramadan. Wearing a Shalwar-Kameez, a traditional Pakistani Islamic full-body garment, Trudeau is seen speaking to the Muslim congregation while standing in front of the minbar, the pulpit in the mosque where the imam (prayer leader) stands to deliver sermons. In his short speech Trudeau thanked the Muslim members of the congregation twice for allowing him to pray with them and said that that the values of Ramadan are also Canadian values.

In 2014, former Conservative Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney accused Trudeau of supporting terrorists following revelations that in 2011 Trudeau visited the Al Sunnah Al-Nabawiah mosque in his Quebec riding of Papineau. According to documents from the Pentagon, the Wahhabi mosque was a mosque where “al-Qaida members were recruited, facilitated or trained.”

“It is completely unacceptable that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would associate with a group that allegedly radicalizes Canadians to join al-Qaeda and engage in acts of unspeakable violent extremism”, Blaney said at that time. “Now he is pandering for votes amongst religious extremists in our own communities. It is clear that Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted to keep Canadians safe,” Blaney said.

In 2016, Trudeau shared an Iftar meal with Muslim politicians. Iftar is one of the religious observances of Ramadan when people gathering to break a fast. In the video, which has gone viral, he is seen wishing Muslims ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ and relishing some traditional Middle Eastern and Asian dishes.

When concerned Canadians launched a campaign against Muslim students performing Friday prayers in public schools, Trudeau denounced the opposition and supported Muslims’ right to pray. “We, of course, need to continue to work to ensure that everyone understands that respecting their neighbours, that moving beyond mere tolerance, towards acceptance and friendship is the path that Canada needs to continue on,” he said.

Most recently, Trudeau came under fire for telling CTV News that returning ISIS jihadists can be rehabilitated and can serve as “an extraordinarily powerful voice for preventing radicalization in future generations.”

A disturbing report by Tom Quiggin, a former intelligence contractor for the RCMP and a court appointed expert on jihadist terrorism, details Trudeau’s 9-year record of supporting the Islamist cause.

Trudeau’s critics accuse him of giving preferential treatment to Muslims. From his eagerness to re-engage with the Islamic Republic of Iran, to resuming $25 million a year funding UNRWA (a UN agency which has been linked to Hamas), to defending the right of Muslim women to wear a full-face veil while taking a citizenship oath, to smearing Conservatives as “Islamophobes” for daring to question his policy on attempting to re-integrate returning ISIS jihadists, to reinstating Canadian citizenship for convicted terrorist and remaining silent on Islamic Jew hatred in Canadian mosques, Trudeau’s cozying up to radical Islamists Canada should trouble all Canadians.

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