crrns_control December 21, 2017

A rally intended to express appreciation to President Trump for declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel, was high- jacked by anti-Israel protesters. On Sunday afternoon, December ninth, in front of the Toronto US Consulate, statements were made and signs shown, vilifying Israel and Jewish Canadians. A man was seen holding a sign that said 9/11 was a Zionist job. Nour Alideeb, chair for the Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), claimed students’ tuition money was “going to pay for military resources in Israel to kill children”.

Renanah Gemeiner, pictured in photo, said it was “terrifying” . “Canadian Moslems screamed “down with Israel”. They drove by in hue vans, intifada style, masked and leaning out waving flags while the crowd cheered.”

On Sunday, January 7, 1:pm, a rally will be held, organized by Jerusalem 3000, to thank the US for their support in announcing to the world, that Jerusalem is the official capital of Israel.

It will be held on University Ave, directly across from the US Consulate.

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