crrns_control January 3, 2018

Braving the freezing cold and waving flags of Canada and Israel, a group rallied together in front of the Israel Consulate at Bloor and University, to express their appreciation to President Trump for his official recognition in the UN, of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It ends a policy of discrimination against Israel which is the only country in which the US Embassy is located in a city other than the country’s capital.

For this the US was attacked in the General Assembly. An overwhelming 128 member states voted for a resolution condemning President Trump’s decision. A resolution that thumbs its nose at international law, historical truth and current reality. Israel is the only country in the world that is not allowed the inalienable right to designate its own capital – a capital that predates the capitals of virtually all of Israel’s UN critics.

Furthermore, the US was unduly criticized for exercising the right of a sovereign nation to conduct its own foreign policy.

According to political commentator, Geoffrey Clarfield, President Trump was simply carrying out the rule of law. “We should really thank him for finally implementing what the US Congress and Senate voted on in l965! He is merely carrying out the rule of law, something that in this day and age so few elected rulers do.”

Many were shocked that among the 128, were bastions of democracy like the UK, India and France, who with their vote, aligned themselves with tyrannies such as North Korea, Iran and Libya. Thirty five abstained, including Canada and 21 absented themselves from the voting. Nine countries, including the US and Israel, supported President Trump.

Speaking at the rally, Renanah Gemeiner, one of the organizers, offered some background to the rejection of Israel by Arabs. “After WW2, when the Ottoman Empire was divided up among Arabs and Jews, the Arabs got almost all the Middle East. Palestine , the Jewish homeland for over 3000 years was given to the Jews. It included all the land on the east side of the Jordan river which was illegally removed by the British and is now Jordan and all the land on the west side of the Jordan River including the erroneously called “West Bank” – Judea and Samaria. Despite the Arabs receiving so much land, there was a huge illegal Arab immigration into Palestine that was allowed by the British Mandatory.”

“With the US’s announcement the playing field changed completely”, stated Alan Herman, Co Chair Canadian Institute for Jewish Research (CIJR). “Jerusalem is our undivided capital and at last a major world leader has finally recognized this vital fact, this reality. Only by building plans based on reality and truth can there be real peace.”

Doris Epstein, CIJR, told the crowd, that in retaliation for the campaign against Trump and his Jerusalem policy, the UN has resolved to sever ties with the Palestinian leadership. The PLO office will be shut down. Financial aid will be “held back” and Palestinian officials will no longer be invited to Washington. The US will stop its one billion dollar per year funding to UNRWA, The UN Work and Relief Organization.

For years, the UN has demonized Israel and contributed to modern anti- Semitism. This time we have a powerful ally who is fighting back,” she said jubilantly.

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