crrns_control December 25, 2017

A new report released by Public Safety Canada on December 21, 2017 says that violent Islamist ideology inspired by groups such as ISIS and al-Qaeda continues to pose the main terrorist threat to the country.

According to the report, approximately 190 extremists with a Canadian connection are currently overseas.

Even though Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale confirmed that approximately 60 extremists returned to Canada after fighting with various terror groups, he admitted that only two charges have been started in the two years since the Liberals have been in office.

ISIS and al-Qaeda encourage their adherents to commit “simple” acts of terror, such as knife or car ramming attacks, as was seen in the October 2014 murder of Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, who was run down by Martin Couture-Rouleau, a convert to Islam who pledge allegiance to ISIS. More recently, in a September 30, 2017 attack, a Somali refugee rammed a police officer with a rented U-Haul van, got out of the car and stabbed him several times, escaping and subsequently running down several pedestrians in downtown Edmonton.

The report also says that there is a possibility that bombing and shooting attacks could occur in Canada, as was demonstrated when Aaron Driver – a convert to Islam and ISIS sympathizer – detonated an explosive device in the back of a cab in Strathroy, Ontario in 2016, injuring himself and the taxi driver, before he was shot dead by police.

Security experts say that homegrown terrorism remains the number one threat to Canada’s national security. In an attempt to prevent future terrorist attacks by domestic terrorists like Michael Zehaf Bibeau, who murdered Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and opened fire inside Parliament Buildings in 2014 before being fatally shot, the federal government allocated $35 million over five years to establish a counter-radicalization office in Canada.

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