crrns_control September 6, 2018

When I initially focused on the legal aspects of the question of Jerusalem over 30 years ago, it became evident from the very beginning of my research that Jerusalem was the ultimate territorial bone of contention for Israel, the Jewish people, the Palestinians and their Arab allies.

The decision made a few months ago to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem by President Trump combined with the more recent decisions to cut funding to certain UN Institutions, including UNRWA, have infuriated not only the Palestinians, but also the numerous nations which are totally aligned with the Palestinian political agenda.

Regarding Jerusalem, it is absolutely vital to counter the generally accepted narrative that Israel’s presence and claims in Jerusalem violate international law. The historical truths undergirding the legitimacy of Israel’s sovereignty claims must be presented as effectively as possible over the next months.

The current strategy of the Palestinians includes, the promotion of a vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations in respect to the expulsion of Israel as a member of the General Assembly of that International Organization. Please note that this is a real threat facing Israel during the next meetings of the General Assembly. In addition, the Palestinians have been preparing a case over the last year to be pursued in front of the International Court of Justice which is based on the unlawful occupation of Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria by Israel.

Below is a link to a video of one of my recent presentations in Toronto. This presentation was deliberately more comprehensive and includes additional important arguments in support of Israel’s claim to sovereignty over Jerusalem: