crrns_control May 25, 2020

The Palestinian Authority refused to accept COVID-19 medical aid from the United Arab Emirates because it had been delivered directly via Israel.

According to Palestinian reports cited by Bloomberg News, the PA “doesn’t want to serve as a bridge for the normalization of ties between the UAE and Israel.”

Hackers vandalized dozens of Israeli web sites today with the words of “The countdown to Israel’s destruction has begun” along with images of Israeli cities in ruins.

According to the National Cyber Directorate, the attacks were carried out by Iran or Hamas, who have made similar attacks on Quds Day.

In the face of European pressure against incitement in Palestinian school books, the PA announced it would amend curriculum.

Clarification of the day: Ayatollah Khamenei says “Final solution” refers to Israel, not Jews.

Antisemitism Watch: An Irish EU lawmaker is facing a backlash for “explaining” antisemitism to Jews while promoting BDS. The US Justice Dept. filed a lawsuit against New Jersey’s Jackson Township over “antisemitic conduct” towards Orthodox Jews.

VIDEO: Iran’s Cyberattack Against Israel