crrns_control December 16, 2017

Algerian-born Omar Bulphred, who served seven years for firebombing a Montreal Jewish Boys school in 2006 and detonating a home-made bomb outside a Jewish community centre on the first day of Passover in 2007, was charged on December 4, 2017 with advising to commit three murders, including that of his father and a prostitute. His bail hearing is scheduled for December 21.

“It is thanks to information received that we were able to start an investigation and arrest him before he committed a serious crime,” said Jean-Pierre Brabant of the Montreal Police.

In 2009, Bulphred and his accomplice, Kazakhstan-born Azim Ibragimov were charged with attempted arson, use of explosives and uttering death threats. Bulphred was sentenced to seven years and Ibragimov, who admitted to throwing a Molotov cocktail into the school, was sentenced to four years in prison for the attacks.

Bulphred was released from jail in 2012, after serving his sentence.

Two years before the Jewish school bombing, Bulphred was arrested for pointing a pellet pistol at the janitor of his rooming house. During his detention, jail officials found a letter in his cell ranting against Americans and Jews and saying that he was “ready to die in the name of Allah.”

According to police, the attacks – which the Jewish community leaders called “acts of terrorism” – were committed in the name of Islamic jihad.

According to Public Safety Canada, Islamic Jihad is one of the most violent Palestinian terrorist groups whose main objective is the destruction of Israel.

Over the course of the past decade, most Islamic Jihad attacks have taken the form of suicide bombings, including one of the worst terror attacks in Israel’s history when two Islamic Jihad operatives blew themselves up on January 22, 1995 at a bus stop in Beit Lid Junction, killing 19 people and wounding 61.