crrns_control August 10, 2019

It is regrettable that using the term “Islamophobia” has become the new method adopted by sympathetic members of terror-linked groups in Canada and the rest of the world in general, specifically the Muslim Brotherhood, which is designated as a terrorist organization in many countries worldwide, to silence criticism of Islam and Muslim public figures. It is used as an attempt to defend their presence in Canada and these other countries, which they consider to be one of the alternative safe havens to them following perceived threats against them from the US administration.

In 2017, Canadian House of Commons approved a Motion condemning “Islamophobia.” It was submitted in the Canadian Parliament by a Liberal MP with alleged connections to the Muslim Brotherhood, Iqra Khalid. Ms. Khalid is of Pakistani origin – a country that criminalizes Islamophobia and any criticism of Islam. She presented this motion, which appears to give Islam a privilege above any other faith in Canada.

Iqra Khalid made her suggestions to the Canadian Parliament, saying: “Based on the views and opinions in the Parliament, the government must work seriously to stop the climate of hatred and fear by the Canadian people.” She added: “We have to condemn Islamophobia in the country,” as well as the fear of Islam in the West. This is one of many types of repression by Liberals of the freedom of speech in Canada; it shows how the Muslim Brotherhood and its followers in Canada have infiltrated the Liberal government.

For my part, I wonder why the Motion adds the term “religious discrimination” to the term “racism,” whereas “discrimination” alone would have been enough, and would have included all forms of discrimination based on religion, color, race or sex. Why did the Canadian government refuse a proposal of a similar version of this Motion put forward by the Progressive Conservatives, which did not include the term “Islamophobia”? The Conservatives’ proposal was meant to condemn “all forms of racism and religious intolerance, discrimination against Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus and other religious groups.”

Instead, the Canadian government adopted the proposal of MP Khalid, which included the term “Islamophobia” as “irrational hatred toward Muslims which leads to discrimination,” even though most hate crimes in Canada that are religiously motivated are against the Jews, and not against the Islamic community.

It seems that the current plan of political Islamic movements in Canada, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, is to make the use of the term “Islamophobia” in political, media and cultural discourse normal and repetitive, in order to put pressure on the Canadian government of Justin Trudeau to achieve their interests. The Muslim Brotherhood has found a safe haven on Canadian territory indeed.

Many media outlets, including the Toronto Sun, have warned of the spread of jihadist Islamic ideology in Canada through members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and have advised the government to pay attention to the Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Canada, who are reportedly financing terrorist groups in various countries around the world.

A large problem is that the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is trying to speak on behalf of all Muslims in Canada about “Islamophobia,” and pressures the Canadian government to achieve its goals. However, the fact is that many Muslims living in Canada have not given any permission to the Muslim Brotherhood to speak on their behalf about Islam.

It should be noted here that the Canadian government has already placed the Islamic charity Irfan Canada movement on the list of organizations charged with funneling funds to terrorist organizations. Muslim Canadian Wael Haddara, the special adviser to the ousted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, has allegedly been connected with the Canadian Islamic charity. Besides his involvement with MAC, Wael Haddara has also been associated with the following Islamic organizations in the past: the Muslim World League, CAIR-CAN, and the Muslim Students Association, as well as IRFAN-Canada.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Canada is using the term “Islamophobia” to manipulate and achieve its own goals and interests. Canada is becoming more and more primed, with the help and influence of Islamic groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and the Liberal government, eventually to become an Islamic caliphate and, sooner than that, a safe haven for terrorists.