crrns_control February 6, 2019

M-103, the anti Islamophobia motion, has paralyzed the Canadian Jewish advocacy organizations.

For very long months these organizations lowered their profile of activity in relation to expressions of hate originating from radical elements in the Muslim community.

Months went by without publishing new findings about Islamic antisemitism, and even when such information was exposed by research organizations outside Canada the Jewish advocacy groups remained silent. No protest or condemnation. Just crickets.

Even when a Canadian newspaper in Arabic has recently published the famous hadith about the future duty of Muslims to kill the Jews. CIJA, Bnai Brith and Simon Wiesenthal Centre remained silent.

The false concept of the so-called “diversity” has become the new Moloch. The truth has been sacrificed as well as the future of the Jewish community.

Read Diane Bederman’s eye-openong article: Antisemitism in Canada:BB (B’nai Brith) is MIA

A series of investigative articles was recently published about Islamic Relief Worldwide and Canada.

The most recent article exposed highly disturbing statements against the Jews and Israelis and in support of the intifada.

The moment of truth has arrived for CIJA, Bnai Brith and Simon Wiesenthal Centre.

Will they finally speak out against expressions of hate against Jews?

Are they willing to fight for the Jewish community?

Will they have the courage to demand an investigation by Public Safety Canada and the CRA of the distributing findings on Islamic Relief Canada?

Silence is not an option. It is an admission of impotence, failure and betrayal of trust.

The Jewish Defence League will fight back on behalf of the Jewish community.

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