crrns_control June 21, 2018

A pricey plan of “action” by Canada’s Heritage Committee against “Islamophobia” is about to launch. It is in response to the controversial anti-Islamophobia Motion M-103, which deemed Canada to be a country with a “climate of fear” toward Muslims and in need of government help for this “fear” to be “quelled.” The Liberal Trudeau government has delivered a long-awaited document signed by Canada’s Heritage Minister, Melanie Joly. The full report can be read at this link.

Before delving into it, let’s be fair and inclusive regarding the climate of ineptitude in the Trudeau government, and more pertinently to this subject, in the Heritage Department.

As Canada Day draws nearer, one is reminded of the price paid for the country’s freedoms, the evolution of Canada’s glowing democracy, and the general kindness of its people.

Canada, however, is suffering a downturn under the Liberal government, from which one may hope it can recover. A Huffington Post article written by a Canadian lawyer, politician and supporter of the Liberals captured the failure of the Heritage Department to live up to its responsibility to showcase the 150th anniversary of Canada’s Confederation last year. What should have been a momentous occasion but was not, is tabulated in fine, cringeworthy detail in an article entitled “You’re Possibly The Worst Cabinet Minister In Canada’s History, Melanie Joly,” focusing upon Joly’s many failures as Canada’s Heritage Minister. Not only did Joly make Canada’s grand 150th “a fiasco,” but she is doing much worse by contributing to the weakening of Canada’s democratic foundation and traditions.

She fervently took up the cause of MP Iqra Khalid, a woman who associates herself with the jihad-linked Palestine House, and who embraced and participated in “Land Day.” Khalid is also the former head of the Muslim Student Association of York University in Toronto, and claims to have written its Constitution, which states its Salafist orientation and support for the Sharia. Not surprisingly, in light of all that, Khalid is the MP who introduced the anti-Islamophobia Motion M-103 in Parliament. She did it under the umbrella of Melanie Joly’s Department, although it had nothing to do with Canada’s heritage. If anything, it was a kick in the teeth to the millions of people who made — and continue to make — Canada one of the world’s most desired countries to live in.

Motion M-103 accuses Canadians of fostering “a climate of fear” toward Muslims, one which must be “quelled.” For more information about the highly questionable influences behind M-103, click here. For an extended report about M-103, its dangers and why it was broadly opposed by many Canadian citizens, click here.


Adding to the “legacy” of Melanie Joly’s Heritage Department is her recent issuance of a document entitled “Government response to the 10th report of the standing committee on Canadian Heritage Entitled: Taking Action Against Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination Which Includes Islamophobia.” In this document, “Islamophobia” is repeatedly referred to as “racial discrimination.”

Islam is an ideology, not a race, and so one is left in the dark as to what “Islamophobia” really means to the current government of Canada.

Collectively, Canadians have not shown discrimination against the adherents of any religion, but many, including me, have grave concerns about the Islamic supremacist doctrine that seeks to obliterate Israel, shut down genuine pluralism and open dialogue, relegate women to an inferior status, and that sanctions FGM (cf. Umdat al-Salik e4.3), the murder of gays, wife beatings, conquest via jihad, Christian persecution, and the like.

The celebrated human rights lawyer David Matas urged Members of Parliament “to be careful in their use of the term Islamophobia,” saying “fear of some elements of Islam is mere prudence.”

Is the government of Canada calling this prudent concern “racist” and “discriminatory”? Evidently yes.

The Government of Canada has now vowed to “take action” against those whom it deems to be exhibiting “Islamophobia.” But what does this really mean? For starters, lots of taxpayer money. The Canadian government’s budget for 2018 includes an allocation of $23 million over two years to provide increased funds for the Multiculturalism Program administered by Canadian Heritage; fighting “Islamophobia” will be part of this.

It was pervasively argued by the proponents of M-103 that the motion was not law, but a benign motion that was passed in Parliament for further study by the Heritage Committee. The nay-saying right-wingers who rejected the motion were stigmatized as paranoid. Now Canadians discover that “Islamophobia” has been fully incorporated into a government action plan that would effect all facets of Canadian society, and Iqra Khalid and Melanie Joly’s employers, the Canadian public, is paying for it.

Some points to consider in Joly’s “Taking Action Against Systemic Racism and Religious Discrimination Including Islamophobia” document:

Most Canadians will agree that racism, discrimination and intolerance are not welcome in Canada, but “Islamophobia” remains undefined in Canadian law, although it is well-defined in Islamic states that are governed by Sharia. The Sharia forbids any criticism of Islam, and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation has been working to enforce this anti-blasphemy rule globally.

This agenda is now being put forward by the current Canadian government, in its foisting of the “Islamophobia” agenda upon all Canadians. From here on, I will isolate the word “Islamophobia” when referred to in the document, so as to enable a focus on what particular “action” the government intends to implement in order to combat “Islamophobia.”


In Joly’s document, “action is required to counter the effects of …Islamophobia. Action will include programs and policies with a whole of government approach.” As such, funding will go to activities to “create conversations about Muslims, the impact of Islamophobia….”

As part of the “Islamophobia” initiative, Canadian citizens will be monitored for compliance: the Public Service Commission of Canada “offers standardized assessment instruments through its Personnel Psychology Center for use by public service organizations.” These tests are developed with “diverse groups and are monitored and maintained with diversity in mind.” One of these groups will likely be the NCCM/CAIR-CAN, given its history as an adviser to the Liberal government.

The Trudeau government has already exhibited totalitarian tendencies in its Canada Summer Jobs program, according to the former head of the Office of Religious Freedom, Dr. Andrew Bennett. Action was taken by the Trudeau government to shut down summer job grants for any organization that did not agree to support abortion rights. Bennett added the warning that “totalitarianism can creep into liberal democracies and we have to be vigilant against that.”

As part of Canada’s “action” against “Islamophobia,” support for initiatives that “promote interfaith and intercultural dialogue in the Education and Awareness part of the document” is included, and “Islamophobia” is specified. An example was also provided using a past round table discussion event that was hosted by the Parliamentary Secretary Omar Alghabra. This event was held on International Religious Freedom Day. Alghabra has an unsavory past. He was President of the Canadian Arab Federation, a group that once “issued a press release entitled Listing of terrorist organizations must be put in perspective which opposes the designation of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad as terrorist entities by the Government of Canada.” Alghabra also opposed an anti-terrorist act that was proposed by Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin before a Parliament Subcommittee on public safety; Alghabra also expressed his support to an Arab newspaper for the introduction of sharia into family matters.


Joly’s document recognizes hate crimes as “captured in the Criminal Code of Canada,” specifically Sections 318 and 319. Section 318: Hate Propaganda, refers specifically to advocating for genocide. Section 319: Public incitement of hatred, refers to stirring up hatred in a public place.

The “Government of Canada also recognizes that the effectiveness of these hate speech laws requires law enforcement agencies to have training, preparedness, and capacity to report and investigate hate crimes, both offline and in the cyber domain.”

With the “Islamophobia” subterfuge now woven into Canada’s law, and with the government vowing “action” against those it deems to be guilty of “Islamophobia,” significant resources may well be allocated to witch-hunts by law enforcement agencies to silence free speech when it is deemed offensive to Islam.

One should note that a genocide against Christians has just taken place in the Middle East. How will the government of Canada work to prevent the importation of the same hatred of Christians into Canada, a hatred preached in many mosques against not just Christians, but also against Jews and gays, and that also often shades into incitement to violence? Since the government is poised to punish discussion of the abuses that are committed in the name of Islam, it is unlikely to care about the victims of these abuses.


A few examples demonstrating that “Islamophobia” is not a benign term:

The term “Islamophobia” has been spread so effectively in the West that tens of thousands (and possibly up to a million) victims of Muslim rape gangs in the UK were ignored for fear of charges of “racism” and “Islamophobia.” Recently, an alleged Muslim rapist used “Islamophobia” as his defense in court.

Even in India, Jawaharlal Nehru University ‘s Academic Council passed a proposal to set up a Centre for National Security Studies, with a course entitled “Islamic Terrorism.” Muslim professors then cried “Islamophobia!” on the grounds that terrorism should not be linked to any particular religion — as if jihadis weren’t doing that all the time.

There is a clear link between Islam and jihad terror; the facts are irrefutable. It is a Muslim Brotherhood stratagem to shut down all discussion of its own documented global plans, as well as any discussion of terrorism committed in the name of Islam. This enables their continued infiltration into Western societies, including multicultural Canada. The Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum is detailed, explicit and available for anyone and everyone to read. An excerpt:

“The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

If one wishes to introduce mental health terms such as “phobia” into the political and religious discourse, specifically to describe anyone who criticizes Islam, it should be noted that it would be more accurate to apply a label of Islamo-psychosis to those who deny the real link between jihad terror and Islam, since such a mentality has completely broken from reality.

On May 16, a prominent Muslim activist in the United States, Corey Saylor, made a stunning admission — that jihadists make people frightened of Muslims and Islam. His acknowledgement was ironically at a conference called “Challenging Islamophobia,” which was organized by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). At that very same conference was Hatem Bazian, a professor at the University of California-Berkeley, who openly called for an intifada (a violent uprising) in America. Bazian is the founder of two groups: Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and American Muslims for Palestine (AMP). Members of SJP have “shouted down pro-Israel speakers and, in some instances, physically attacked Jews on college campuses.”

Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups (and individuals) claim that any discussion of threats to the West related to Islam is “Islamophobic.” If America and the West hope to win the war against the global jihad, it will be necessary to clean up the sabotage from within. The Muslim Brotherhood is cleverly engaging the aid of naïve and intimidated Western governments; it should be declared a terrorist organization.

When Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz shut down seven problematic foreign-funded mosques, including one linked to Turkish nationalists, he was threatened by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who warned that his decision could lead to a “war between the cross and the crescent”; Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin branded the move “Islamophobic.”

Some other points of concern associated with Canada’s anti-Islamophobia motion M-103:

  • Joly’s document also focuses upon the January 29, 2017 “terrorist attack on worshippers at the Islamic Cultural Center in Quebec City,” which was indeed a horrible tragedy, but was found by court not be a terrorist attack.
  • The Canadian government has an ongoing collaboration with CAIR-CAN (which changed its name to the National Council of Canadian Muslims) on numerous initiatives, including summer jobs for youth. On those jobsm they will be taught about “Islamophobia.”
  • The NCCM also provides education (aka indoctrination) to “government departments, law enforcement officers, media agencies, and private organizations.”

The NCCM is an offshoot of CAIR, which was designated an unindicted co-conspirator in a jihad terror funding case.

It is important to note is that the NCCM provided a disturbing definition of “Islamophobia” for the Toronto District School Board. “Islamophobia” was defined as “fear, prejudice, hatred or dislike directed against Islam or Muslims, or toward Islamic politics or culture.”

The NCCM was also influential in my firing from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation for the “offence” of criticizing political Islam on Jihad Watch.

Canada is already highly diverse, yet despite this, the government sees fit to crack down on valid dialogue about Islam and the war against the global jihad, and to suppress the free expression of concern about responsible immigration.

The foundation of M-103 was built upon a petition (e-411) which reads like a page out of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s “Islamophobia Observatory.”


The opposition Conservative government provided an alternative minority report which was rejected by Melanie Joly’s department in her latest document. Here is an excerpt from the “Conservative Party Of Canada – Minority Report Of The Standing Committee On Canadian Heritage On Systemic Racism And Religious Discrimination”:

The debate on M-103 captured the attention of Canadians and the mainstream media for several weeks. The main objection Canadians had to M-103 was that it complicated and confused the issue of anti-Muslim bigotry and violence rather than clarified it.

The word ‘Islamophobia’, which features prominently in M-103, has a long history. Unfortunately, ‘Islamophobia’ has received many definitions, and the failure to use just one definition for the word is highly problematic.

We believed that the motion would have better achieved its goal by condemning “all forms of systemic racism, religious intolerance, and discrimination of Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, and other religious communities.”

Our amendment to this effect was rejected by the Liberals, who then voted to pass M-103. The public reaction to this by Canadians, both inside and outside of the Muslim community, was one of widespread concern that the issue was being politicized in a way that was limiting healthy debate rather than encouraging it……


M-103 begins with the assertion that Canada is experiencing an “increasing public climate of hate and fear” and that it is the Government of Canada’s responsibility to “quell” such a phenomenon. However, witness testimony and Statistics Canada data suggests that this assumption does not fully reflect reality.

Dr. Sherif Emil, pediatric surgeon at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, was clear with Committee members about his experience as a visible minority Canadian:

“If systemic racism and religious discrimination existed, I probably wouldn’t be a pediatric surgeon today…Nobody had ever asked me in my training, in my selection, who I was or what I believed in. No, I do not believe systemic racism and discrimination exists. I believe discrimination and racism exists. It existed in many circumstances, it exists in many situations and that’s totally unfortunate, but I don’t think it’s systemic.”…..

The Conservative Government Minority Report was reasonable. It incorporated the rejection of bigotry, intolerance and racism. It took into consideration the proud progress of Canada, while protecting the principles of equality, human rights, pluralism and democracy itself.

With the strength of Islamic supremacist influence in the Liberal government, and its declared determination to act against “Islamophobia,” Canada is increasingly becoming an unstable country with tinges of totalitarianism. Given the chaotic state of Europe, with mass migration from Muslim countries continuing, the UK’s jailing of Tommy Robinson for reporting about Muslim rape gangs, and reports that Quebec could see as many as 400 illegal immigrants pouring in per day, Canadians should be wary of M-103 and the consequences that will inevitably come from it. This motion could change the very character of Canada. In this scenario, America will have to contend with a weak link.