crrns_control October 11, 2019

A Jewish schoolboy was forced to kiss the shoe of a Muslim boy or face a vicious beating at the hands nine other children who circled him in a park, it has emerged. This antisemitic attack can happen in any Jewish Community.

A harrowing photograph capturing the appalling moment in a Melbourne park shows the 12-year-old on his knees kissing the shoe of a Muslim boy, allegedly after a group 12 and 13-year-old’s threatened him with violence.

It is unclear whether the Muslim boy was forced to pose for the photo by the gang, who have so far escaped disciplinary action, The Age reported.

The school denied having responsibility for the incident.

The Jewish Defence League is offering security self defence training for the Jewish Community.

Please read the following to understand the concept of double standards:

Once upon a time a plague broke out in the forest and all the animals gathered to discuss what to do about it. One wise old animal suggested that the plague was undoubtedly due to the sin of one of the community and it was agreed that each animal should confess his sins and it would be decided whose guilt had brought the plague. The fox was the first to rise and he said: “I was walking by the farmer’s chicken coops last week and I crept in, seized three chickens and ate them. But after all, it was not my fault; I was hungry!” The animals considered the case and unanimously agreed that the fox was not to blame. After all, he was hungry.

The bear was the next to speak. “I passed by a tree last week and saw honey flowing from where the bees had made it. I took the honey from them and ate it. But, after all, it was not my fault; I was hungry!” Again the animals considered the case and agreed that the bear was blameless. After all, he was hungry…

Finally it came the turn of the sheep, who said: “It was a bitter, cold night and my little lams were freezing. So I went into the barn and took some straw to keep my little lambs warm as they slept.” No sooner did the sheep say these words, than the entire community of animals leaped to their feet and, pointing their paws, claws, and hoofs at the sheep, shouted: “There is the criminal!”

Our Jewish leadership is weak and sadly emboldens the antisemites. This 12 year old Jewish boy was attacked because antisemitism part of radical Islam. Therefore, the JDL is asking for your support to train Jews to fight back! Please do not ignore this attack. This antisemitic attack can happen anywhere.