crrns_control September 11, 2019

Brother of one of the victims says group of ‘Arabic speakers’ asked men if they are from Israel before assaulting them

Several Israelis were brutally assaulted in Poland after the assailants asked where they were from, the brother of one of the victims alleged on Sunday.

Barak Kashpizky posted to Facebook a pair of pictures of his bloodied twin brother Yotam, taken shortly after the attack, in an account that quickly went viral.

In it, Kashpizky said that Yotam had gone out to a club in Warsaw with several other Israeli students attending a summer semester abroad at the local law school.

At 4 a.m., the Israelis were approached by a group of “Arabic speakers” who asked them if they were from Israel.

“When they answered in the affirmative, they were relentlessly attacked, [in blows] accompanied by shouts of ‘fuck Israel,’” wrote Barak Kashpizky, adding that his brother was briefly knocked unconscious.

In addition to Yotam, who suffered a broken nose from the beating, another Israeli was briefly hospitalized. Both have since been released.

Yotam told Channel 13 later on Sunday that there were roughly four attackers who said they were from Qatar and also chanted “free Gaza” as they beat him.

“There were many, many people and club bouncers watching on the side, but nobody did anything,” Yotam said.

“History is repeating itself in Warsaw, Poland, as Poles stand by and watch, while people who ‘are not from our nation’ are beating Jews until they lose consciousnesses,” his twin Barak wrote in his post.

The victim’s brother also criticized Israel’s Embassy in Poland as well as the Foreign Ministry for not providing assistance after they notified them of the incident and “sent them to deal with the Polish police by themselves.”

The Foreign Ministry subsequently issued a statement defending its conduct, saying the Israeli consul in Warsaw has been in frequent contact with the two hospitalized victims and had “made himself available to them, as much as they needed.

“In addition, the consul recommended that they file a complaint at the local police station,” it added. “The Foreign Ministry continues to follow the event and a decision will be taken regarding further steps with the local authorities.”