crrns_control February 20, 2020

Mirza Ismail, Presde

In this letter, Mirza Ismail, President and founder of Yezidi Human Rights International, exposes and denounces the brutal discrimination of the Iraqi government and the Iraqui Kurds, against the Yezidi people.

His Excellency Dr. Wadee Al-Batti
Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq
215 McLeod Street
Ottawa, ON  K2P 0Z8
Mr. Ambassador Wadee,

I am writing to you in regard to the young Yezidi man named Mr. Khaled Shamo Sarhan, who has been given a death sentence by the court in Mosul. On August 03, 2017, Mr. Faris Nawaf Mohammed, who was Kurdish from the Gergeri clan was killed and his colleague Mr. Khuther Aziz Hussein was injured on the Iraqi – Syrian border and now he is the witness against the Yezidi man Khaled Shamo Sarhan. These two men were smuggling ISIS fighters from Syria into Iraq to annihilate the indigenous Yezidis and topple the Iraqi government. Two months later, on October 06, 2017, the KRG police arrested Mr. Khaled Shamo Sarhan from the Qadia IDP camp at the base of Zakho mountain and accused him of murdering Mr. Faris Nawaf Mohammed and transferred him to Zummar district, where the Kurdish Gergeri reside and then transferred Mr. Khaled Shamo Sarhan to Tel-Kaif North of the Mosul city and imprisoned there since then

However, few days ago Mr. Khaled Shamo Sarhan “;The victim of genocide” was given death sentence by a Kurdish Judge named Jamal Dawod Qaro from the Kejala clan from Sinjar region, who was affiliated with Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and then affiliated with ISIS and now he is a judge in Mosul and the other Kurdish man who is supporting the case is Mr. Mahdi Saleh Sulayman and who is also from the Kurdish Kejala clan; he is also a security officer in Mosul; over 90% of Sunnis Muslims, (Arabs, Turkmen, Khatonis and the Kejala Kurds in particular) were affiliated with Al-Qaeda terrorist organization and after Al-Qaeda was replaced by ISIS then the Kejala joined up with ISIS tried their best to destroy the Yezidis in 2007 and 2014.

 Unfortunately, the Iraqi government is not a functioning government, otherwise, the government would punish those who were and still are affiliated and supporting terrorist activities against the indigenous Yezidis, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Syriacs and not given an important position in the government such as judges and military officers. “In what World has anyone seen an Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorist affiliated judge give a death sentence to a victim of genocide?” KRG and Iraqi government may be able to silence the Yezidis in Iraq, but the Yezidis outside of Iraq will spread all the injustices by the Iraqi and KRG all over the World, Barzani won’t be able to stop us here in the West!

Nevertheless, the Yezidi victim (Khaled Shamo Sarhan) has 76 witnesses including several Kurdish Muslim, who participated in the third anniversary of the Yezidi genocide that on the day that Mr. Faris Nawaf Mohammed was killed on Iraqi-Syrian border, which was August 03, 2017, Khaled was among thousands of other Yezidis commemorating the third anniversary of the Yezidi genocide in his Qadia IDP camp in the province of Dohuk. The judge Qaro ignored all Yezidi witnesses but believed a mute and injured ISIS-affiliated witness (Khuther Aziz Hussein) who was smuggling ISIS fighters from Syria into Iraq!

Hence, we are demanding and asking your excellency to urgently contact the Iraqi president and Iraqi government officials to immediately free Mr. Khaled Shamo Sarhan and he must be fully compensated for the suffering that Mr. Khaled faced in the prison by the security personnel/police who were affiliated with ISIS!

Yours very truly,
Mirza Ismail
President and Founder
Yezidi Human Rights Organization – International