crrns_control February 20, 2018

February 18, 2018: About 500 people – some from as far away as Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto – marched in Ottawa at a rally called “TRUDEAU APOLOGIZE! BRING BACK CANADIAN VALUES!”

The protest was organized by the Asian Canadian community which is demanding an apology from Justin Trudeau who they say stirs up racial tension between different communities.

One of the speakers read an open letter to Justin Trudeau. “As Chinese-Canadians, we are very upset by the recent and well-known ‘hijab hoax’. On January 12, 2018, an 11 year old Muslim girl claimed that an Asian man cut her hijab in a neighbourhood where over 90% of residents are Chinese Canadians. Later, Toronto police determined that the events described did not happen. As the Prime Minister of Canada, you immediately condemned the ‘hate crime’ before the police had a chance to investigate. And then you fell silent after the hoax was revealed. The Chinese Canadian community – the real victim of the hijab hoax – was completely ignored by you”.

Since January 12, the Chinese Canadian community has had 10 demonstrations in 7 cities across Canada, demanding the police re-investigate the hijab hoax in order to “bring back the truth to Canadians”. It also demands that Trudeau apologize for his “irresponsibly racial prejudice-fuelled comments”.

At the “hijab hoax” protest in Toronto, 800 Chinese Canadians rallied in front of the Ontario legislature with signs saying “Hoax Today, Horror Tomorrow”, “Stop Trudeau” and “All Canadians Are Equal”.

At the Montreal protest, one of the speakers told the crowd that he is tired of what is happening in Ottawa and in the mainstream media. “We are tired that one group demands more rights than the rest of us. We are all Canadians and we should have the same rights. Let’s send a message to the government that we will not put up any longer with this craziness, with this favouritism towards one ethnic group or towards one religion”.

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