crrns_control January 3, 2018

Joshua Boyle, who spent five years in captivity in Afghanistan with his American-born wife and who on December 19 met with Prime Minister Trudeau, was charged on December 30 with 15 criminal charges over alleged incidents that occurred between October 14 and December 30.

Boyle and his family were rescued by Pakistani forces on October 11 and arrived in Canada with his wife and three children who were all born in captivity on December 13.

Boyle, who has been in custody since December 30, is charged with two counts of sexual assault, eight counts of assault, two counts of unlawful confinement, one count of misleading police, one count of uttering a death threat and one count of forcing an individual to ingest a noxious substance. The identity of the victim is protected by a publication ban.

In 2012, Boyle and Caitlan Coleman, who was pregnant at that time, went missing in Wardak province in Afghanistan, abducted by the Taliban-linked Haqqani terrorist network after backpacking in Central Asia for several months. During their time in captivity, Caitlan has given birth to three children.

In 2014, Global News reported that Boyle had a history of fascination with terrorism, Canadian counterterrorism and security. He was also briefly married to Zaynab Khadr, the Islamist sister of convicted al Qaeda terrorist Omar Khadr who spent 10 years years in Guantanamo for killing a US medic in Afghanisan. Last summer, Khadr received an official apology and $10.5 million compensation from the Trudeau government.

Zaynab and Omar’s father, Ahmed Khadr, was al-Qaida financier who, according to a testimony of one RCMP officer, used his Canadian family to “create his own terrorist cell”.

On December 19, Trudeau raised eyebrows when he met with the Boyle family in what appears to be the Prime Minister’s Parliament Hill office in Centre Block. According to Boyle, his was not the first time the two met. “Today was a wonderful experience for my family, and Ma’idah Grace Makepeace seemed truly enamoured. Incidentally, not our first meeting with @JustinTrudeau, that was ’06 in Toronto over other common interests, haha.”, Boyle tweeted on December 19.

Boyle did not specify what “common interests” he and Trudeau had 12 years ago.

A bail hearing for Boyle has been set for January 3.