crrns_control September 24, 2018

On October 6/7 2018, Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is sponsoring the annual “Carry the Light” convention to be held at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario. This event is promoted by link

This convention is titled “Canadian Muslims Sharing Islam, Serving Humanity”.

One of the guest speakers, among many, is Linda Sarsour.

Ms. Sarsour (born 1980) is a controversial American political activist and former executive director of the Arab American Association of New York. Beginning with advocacy on behalf of American Muslims, she has extended her activism to other civil rights issues such as Black Lives Matter, immigration policy, and mass incarceration. She has been a supporter of the progressive movement and the Democratic Party.

Ms Sarsour has come under fire for her antisemitic rhetoric. She has consistently downplayed terrorism plots, attacked counter-terrorism measures and the use of informants. She has asserted conspiracy theories and claimed the U.S. is facilitating war on Islam and Muslims. She is a staunch defender of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, and a proponent for the Palestinian cause. link