crrns_control August 2, 2018

August third marks the fourth anniversary of the ISIS attack on the Yezidi people of Northern Iraq – the beginning of their genocidal campaign against the Yezdis and other minorities in that region.

The scale and extreme nature of ISIS crimes against civilians, particularly religious minorities, have still not led to indictments or prosecutions.

Even though ISIS is facing defeat, thousands of abducted Yezidis are still in danger as are the thousands languishing in refugee camps.

Although the Liberal government has brought in over 57,000 Syrians, and although they have officially recognized the genocide, barely several hundred Yezidis have been brought to Canada.

This Friday, August third, a rally to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the Yezidi genocide will be held between 1-3 pm, at the SE corner of Dundas and Yonge Sts., on the Dundas Square side.

“If humanitarianism is the chief reason being cited in accepting refugees, the Yezidis, the Christians, the Mandeans and other minority groups should receive priority simply because they are among the most persecuted in the Middle East and the ones who have nowhere else to go,” declares Mirza Ismail, spokesman and Chairman of Yezidi Human Rights International, who are organizing the event.