crrns_control April 10, 2019

Professor Ansel Brown North Carolina Central University ISGAP Senior Research Scholar Director of the ISGAP African and Jewish Diaspora Homeland Studies Program (AJDHP) Professor Brown just returned from an innovative trip to South African Universities and Government agencies to combat antisemitism and the BDS movement. ISGAP, with the leadership of Ansel Brown, continues the struggle […]

crrns_control April 7, 2019

Soon after Israel’s April 9 general elections, US President Donald Trump is expected to unveil the “deal of the century.” What is clear is that Trump is taking serious steps to recognize the reality on the ground by not insisting that Israel relinquish its control over the Golan Heights and major Israeli controlled areas in […]

crrns_control April 6, 2019

“Members of Parliament of the Government of Canada are using their official positions to channel taxpayers’ money to Islamic Relief Canada (IRC). The IRC is a federally registered charity, so the taxpayer is subsidizing this activity. IRC in turn is sending millions of dollars to Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). Seven independent and reliable sources have […]

crrns_control April 3, 2019

YEZIDI DEMONSTRATION IN FRONT OF WHITE HOUSE CALLS ATTENTION TO ONGOING HUMAN CATASTOPHE VIRTUALLY IGNORED BY THE WORLD More than 100 Yezidis from the US and Canada, rallied in front of the White House on March 15, to ask the Government to take action to rescue their people. Most of the participants were survivors of […]

crrns_control April 3, 2019

Testimony delivered before the UN Human Rights Council by Col. Richard Kemp on behalf of United Nations Watch, Geneva, Switzerland, March 18, 2019. Mr. President, I was a British commander in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan and have extensive experience dealing with rioting crowds whipped up by armed terrorists. I have observed the violent demonstrations […]

crrns_control April 3, 2019

Not surprisingly, our public broadcaster’s coverage of the “Great March of Return” riots at the Gaza-Israel border this past weekend was biased against Israel, prompting HonestReporting Canada to file complaints calling for remedial action. On March 30 at 3:03pm, CBC Radio aired a report from Lauren Izo (sp?) about the “March of Return” protests. Ms. […]

crrns_control April 2, 2019

Albert Einstein observed, “If my theory of relativity is proven correct, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world. Should my theory prove untrue, France will say that I am a German and Germany will declare that I am a Jew.” His words are […]

crrns_control April 2, 2019

It used to be that Jewish people went to services at their synagogue, or temple or, in Yiddish terminology, their shul. It used to be that men went to daily morning minyan (ten) services, families went together on Friday evening, and/or Saturday mornings. It used to be that Torah was studied and women kept Kosher […]