crrns_control November 21, 2020

By comparing the extermination of six million Jews to internal American politics, CNN anchorwoman Christiane Amanpour effectively writes an inaccurate history of the Holocaust which was defined above all by genocide. This is troubling no matter what political party you support, because it is an affront to all who were affected, and it is a […]

crrns_control November 14, 2020

• VOTED YES TO CONDEMN ISRAEL: France, Spain, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, New Zealand, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Japan, India, Luxembourg, Monaco… • VOTED NO: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Honduras, Hungary, Slovenia, Cameroon, Eswatini, Micronesia • ABSTAINED: Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Uruguay… Click here for full voting results GENEVA, November 13, […]

crrns_control November 14, 2020

I am a member of the board of Hasbara Fellowships Canada. I enclosing a link to a fantastic fundraising event for Hasbara Canada. Hasbara Canada Fellowships raises money for advocating for peace and coexistence and to educate education and train high school and university students to stand up for Jews and Israel. One would […]

crrns_control November 14, 2020

With news that longtime Palestinian leader and former chief negotiator Saeb Erekat had passed away, CBC News devoted considerable coverage which ostensibly fawned over Erekat and ignored his anti-peace credentials. Erekat is best known for giving lip service to the cause of peace, for being duplicitous, and for engaging in the art of Palestinian double […]

crrns_control November 8, 2020

In 1982, a young Delaware senator clashed with Menachem Begin in a ‘highly emotional confrontation,’ but Netanyahu now considers the president-elect ‘part of our family’ Joe Biden, the newly elected 46th president of the United States, is a true friend of the Jewish state, friends and even political adversaries of the emerging president-elect agree. “He […]

crrns_control November 4, 2020

Dear friends, We at The Lawfare Project are celebrating the incredible news that the very first U.S. passport was issued to an American citizen born in Jerusalem with the place of birth designated as “Israel.” Congratulations to Menachem Zivotofsky—the recipient of the passport—and his family, and their accomplished legal team at Lewin & Lewin LLP, for […]

crrns_control November 3, 2020

November 1, 2020B’nai Brith CanadaTORONTO – The City of Toronto has filed charges against a local establishment that has used antisemitic smears and supported terrorists on social media, B’nai Brith Canada has learned. Foodbenders, located in Toronto’s west end, became a lightning rod for controversy in July when it told its Instagram followers: “#zionistsnotwelcome.” Other posts by the […]

crrns_control November 3, 2020

Attend Never Is Now, the world’s largest Summit on antisemitism and hate. This must-attend event is the premier setting for learning to confront hate in all its forms and will be entirely virtual and free for the first time ever. Topics include Antisemitism Across Borders, Extremism & The Election, How Hate has Moved from On […]

crrns_control November 3, 2020

Will the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague launch a criminal investigation into the State of Israel for war crimes violations? What are the possible ramifications of the court’s decision?On October 18, Shurat HaDin, the Tel Aviv-based human rights organization that specializes in the legal and economic struggle against terrorist organizations, hosted a webinar on the […]

crrns_control October 31, 2020

Why Won’t Joe Biden Repudiate Anti-Semitic Democrats? by Bruce Abramson And Jeff Ballabon, [Newsweek] 10/15/20 (, At the first debate, Joe Biden took ownership of today’s Democrats with an uncharacteristically clear proclamation: “I am the Democratic Party.” With that, Biden assumed responsibility for repudiating and distancing himself from the anti-Semitism surging through his party’s ranks. […]