crrns_control January 17, 2020

Toronto, Ontario – Yesterday, York University reversed course on its misguided decision to suspend Herut Zionism (“Herut”), a pro-Israel student group, after its peaceful event was stormed by an angry anti-Jewish mob. The Lawfare Project, RE-LAW LLP, and Toronto attorney Guidy Mamann demanded Herut be immediately reinstated. York University acquiesced and agreed to restore all […]

crrns_control January 13, 2020

E. Michael Jones is a well-known Catholic antisemite and a failed academic from South Bend, Indiana. In 1981, after being fired as a professor at South Bend’s Catholic women’s college, St. Mary’s, he founded Fidelity magazine later named the Culture Wars, which is focused on the alleged evils of the Jews. Following Soleimani’s assassination, Jones has spent the past few days […]

crrns_control January 13, 2020

Incredible moment Iranian students refuse to step on US and Israeli flags amid anti-government marches as Trump warns the country’s leaders not to kill its protesters The clip was said to have been taken at Shaheed Beheshti University on Sunday  It shows a crowd deliberately not walking over the flags, berating those who do   Thousands had […]

crrns_control January 13, 2020

Conservatives have long been concerned about the stranglehold Leftists have had on academia in North America. Recent news from academia should give them more reason than usual to be worried about what’s happen to students trapped in these institutions. The most recent outrage — and it is outrageous — came on Tuesday from the University […]

crrns_control January 10, 2020

A Canadian Jewish civil rights group is calling out a labor union at the University of Toronto over a series of “anti-Israel and antisemitic tweets,” following recent comments targeting a Jewish Twitter user and past accusations that Canadian Jewish groups were foreign agents. The Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3902 (CUPE 3902) represents some […]

crrns_control January 10, 2020

Mehdi Hasan hosts Ilhan Omar on Al Jazeera, where she stated, Americans instead of being Islamophobic “should be more fearful of white men.” Mehdi Hasan works for Qatar’s Al Jazeera propaganda channel to advance the state’s foreign interests including promoting the Muslim Brotherhood, its Gaza proxy terror group Hamas, and relentlessly advancing anti-American and anti-Israel […]

crrns_control January 10, 2020

Muslim and ex-Muslim feminists and dissidents have been risking torture and death in the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Far East by refusing to wear the hijab and by adopting other Western ways. Bizarrely, Western feminists and accomplished and powerful women, including diplomats and politicians, are donning the hijab as a gesture of […]

crrns_control January 8, 2020

Opinion Jan 6 .Written By Daniel Bordman With tensions between the U.S. and Iran ramping up after the drone strike of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, Canada is about to face some tough scrutiny internally and externally hereon. Perhaps the biggest issue facing Trudeau’s government regards Liberal MP Majid Jowhari. Jowhari was in the news […]

crrns_control January 7, 2020

The Institute for National Security Studies said Israel must be ready to suddenly and fundamentally shift its strategies in each and every national security arena. As tensions heat up between Iran, the US and Israel following the assassination of Qasem Soleimani last week, the absence of a stable government will harm Jerusalem’s ability to achieve […]

crrns_control January 6, 2020

CNN News has finally got it right. This clip discussing antisemitism shared important truths that many on the Left will not admit. CNN News Nails it Thank you, CNN News, finally for a report states the truth that antisemitism is not just coming from the alt-right. Yes, there have been attacks on Jews by White […]