crrns_control May 6, 2019

By Valerie Sobel (On the heels of a Monday night protest in front of The New York Times headquarters in Manhattan, protesting NYT’s promotion of insidious antisemitism in a form of a cartoon.) Liberal media’s Jew-hatred, blatant or obscured, occupies predominant lobe space in both the conscious and subconscious psyche of the general public. This […]

crrns_control May 3, 2019

Islamist activist, sharia-apologist and co-founder of the Women’s March Linda Sarsour is set to be a keynote speaker at several Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) fundraisers across the country, reported The Blaze. IRUSA is the American affiliate of UK-based Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), which has been banned in several countries due to its ties to international […]

crrns_control May 2, 2019

Incidents of vandalism, however, decreased from 327 to 221, while such violent attacks also dropped, from 16 in 2017 to 11 in 2018. (May 1, 2019 / JNS) Several days before Chabad of Poway in Southern California was attacked on April 27, with one dead and three injured, B’nai Brith Canada released a report that […]