crrns_control March 10, 2020

Almost 50 Yezidi survivors stood before the Ontario Parliament in the freezing snow and wind last Thursday on behalf of  innocent Yezidi youth sentenced to die in Iraqi!  They young men are victims of the ongoing Islamic genocide begun in 2014  in which 10,000  were murdered and over 7000  enslaved according to Yezidi sources. These victims are added to the over 20 million Yezidi who have been massacred by Islamists  in 74 Genocides over the last 700 years.

Yet since I was involved in the latest Genocde begun in  2014, we have had almost no media or government attention.

Last Thursday, despite the rally being posted for all the media to see inside Queen’s Park, and despite my personally pleading with two of the channels to come out, no one did.

One media truck drove slowly in front of, and away from us,  while I stared and waved . . And this particular station has not responded to the over 20 calls and emails I have sent them  regarding ongoing Yezidi tragedies.

The refusal to cover the Islamic Jihad again,  this last Thursday  is aiding  ISIS and the many Moslem government and non-government groups which are raping the Yezidi and their land.  One of the most important ways in which we are colluding in the Jihad is by making sure that the Yezidi Holocaust continues silently and that the  Jihadists are not exposed.

If one Canadian media outlet would have come out to cover our rally,  it would have been greatly appreciated.  But none was too many. 

Renanah Gemeiner
Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis