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It is the height of irresponsibility to report a story without hearing from both sides, but in today’s “journalism” of propaganda and press releases, it’s standard procedure. And so the Canadian Jewish News ran this story in which a Muslim professor, affiliated with the Saudi-funded “Islamophobia” propaganda mill at Georgetown University, the Bridge Initiative, claims to have been victimized by “Islamophobes” at a conference on the rule of law.

Yet again: what a coincidence! A trafficker in spurious claims of Muslim victimhood claims to have been victimized. Why does it so often happen that those who make it their business to portray Muslims as victims and paint the West as a hostile place where Muslims are routinely discriminated against and harassed so often end up claiming to have been discriminated against and harassed themselves? In February, “Islamophobia” propagandist Khaled Beydoun claimed to have been the victim of an “Islamophobic” attack by a Delta captain; Beydoun was lying. And in 2016, Rashid Dar of the Qatar-funded Brookings Institution claimed that he was punched in the throat by a random man on a Washington, DC street because he was wearing Muslim garb. What a coincidence that of all the many, many people wearing Muslim garb on the street in Washington, the one that this lout decided to punch was an “Islamophobia” propagandist. And what a coincidence that of all the multitudes of Muslims who fly on airplanes every day, many while wearing Muslim garb, the one that this Delta captain decided to manhandle was a professor of “Islamophobia.”

And now Jasmin Zine, who is, lo and behold, a professor who lists “Islamophobia” as one of her areas of expertise. Canadian Jewish News ran with the story without noting that one of Zine’s areas of expertise was just the kind of incident she instigated here, and despite the fact that it didn’t obtain any statements from anyone present other than the victimhood-mongering professor. Unfortunately for Jasmin Zine and the Canadian Jewish News, there is considerable evidence impugning the professor’s credibility. Christine Douglass-Williams told me on the day of the conference, immediately after it had ended, that Zine had accused her of warning about all Muslims in Iceland, as if all were terrorists, which was a lie, and one that Zine refused to allow her to correct. Christine also told me that Zine shouted at her that she was as bad as terrorists, and told me that Zine made a scene at the conference and that shocked and disturbed those who were present. Zine was bellowing with such incandescent rage after she was removed, Christine told me, that “she could be heard a floor up with the door closed.” Christine also told me that the corrections officer on duty offered to escort her to her car after the event, because Zine’s behavior was so aggressive and confrontational. Even worse, Christine was told by some attendees that after she was ejected from the event, Zine repeatedly circled the premises in her car while speaking to someone on her cellphone. The incident was entirely Zine’s fault and responsibility, and instead of waiting to hear from both sides, Canadian Jewish News is playing judge, jury, and executioner and publishing her quite questionable version of the events as if it were fact.

To top it all off, CJN identified me in the original version of this story as a “white nationalist.” After I tweeted at them several times, emailed, and finally threatened legal action, they finally corrected the story, while repeating the original libel in their correction. This epitomizes the ideological bias, sloppiness, and irresponsibility of their coverage of this whole episode.

“Muslim professor says she was assaulted at conference,” by Ron Csillag, Canadian Jewish News, April 11, 2019:

York Regional Police’s hate crimes unit is looking into allegations of an assault against a Muslim professor at a recent conference on free speech and the rule of law.

Jasmin Zine, a sociology and Muslim studies professor at Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., claims her arm was twisted and that she was thrown out of the conference organized by Canadians for the Rule of Law (CFTLR), after she asked questions of a panelist…

In an article she wrote for the online publication The Conversation, Zine said she spent “a long day of being a fly on the wall at this conference, hearing non-stop pro-Zionist rhetoric denying that Israel was oppressing Palestinians and consuming a steady diet of Islamophobic bigotry.”

According to Zine, the trouble began during an afternoon session on terrorism and public safety, when she “finally decided to intervene” by posing a question to panelist Christine Douglass-Williams.

Zine said she asked about a speech Douglass-Williams gave in Iceland in 2017 alongside U.S. author and blogger Robert Spencer*, in which she warned Icelanders about allowing an “Islamic supremacist incursion into your country.” Zine said she asked whether Douglass-Williams had similar warnings for Canadians.

Douglass-Williams became “defensive” and the session’s moderator became “angry and told me I couldn’t speak anymore. He told me to leave,” wrote Zine.

Zine said she was trying “to exercise my free speech rights, which this conference purported to uphold. The moderator … informed me I was now trespassing and had to leave.”

Zine acknowledged that the organizers had the right to ask her to leave. She said she rose to leave, “as instructed by the moderator,” but she made one final comment: “I said their thinly veiled white supremacist views and Islamophobic fear-mongering is the kind of rhetoric that inspires white nationalist terror.”..

*CORRECTION: This story has been changed to correct an earlier description of Robert Spencer as a “white nationalist.” The CJN regrets the error

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