crrns_control February 1, 2020

The CTV commemoration of the Holocaust, filmed in Poland, begins at 8:30. See video HERE. CTV’s Lisa Leflamme states: The ignorance that led to their dehumanizing treatment and persecution still festers today.” But it wasn’t “ignorance,” it was a calculated hatred of Jews that led to their persecution, and that hatred persists today. We see it demonstrated in drives to obliterate the State of Israel under the guise of a Palestinian freedom movement that brands the Jewish state as “racist” and claims that it practices “apartheid,” and which continues in increments to delegitimize Israel and strip Jews of their national identity. Chants to obliterate Israel, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” are trivialized by the Left, yet it was this same goal to erase Jewish identity that drove the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem to advise Hitler and work alongside him to murder Jews in the Holocaust. And who could really forget that during this past summer, when some 6,000 Palestinians gathered along the Gaza border fence each Friday, “holding the weekly March of Return demonstrations”, “a Swastika was raised along with a Palestine flag on the fence”?

At 12:40in the CTV report, Omar Sachedina enters with his delivery of “The Politics of Prejudice.” Torturous and gut-wrenching scenes from Auschwitz are displayed, and Holocaust survivor David Marks is featured. Marks warns that “it could happen” again. He states that it happens in small steps and “one day you wake up and its too late.” He’s right.

Then the scene immediately changes back to Omar Sachedina. He begins: “Right-wing nationalist rallies are happening in cities all across Europe and the tide is rising.” By now it’s obvious what Sachedina is doing: he begins the politicization of the Holocaust in his report, which continues on to slam “populists” who are accused of promoting “xenophobic and racist ideas.” But what about Islamic antisemitism and Islamic persecution of Christians and other minorities? And black slavery, which is still going on in countries including Algeria, Sudan, Mauritania? What about the relentless drive to obliterate the State of Israel since 1948, right after the Holocaust to boot? None of that matters; the focal point of the CTV report is right-wing “populism.” The report continues with an assertion that this once-marginalized group of “populists” has made its way into the mainstream. Then, at 14:00, the despicable smearing of individuals begins. Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders are presented as exhibits of the condemned populist “evil.” These populists are presented as antisemitic boogeymen whom we must resist at all costs to prevent another Holocaust; they are the faces presented as the new Nazis. But contrary to Sachedina’s presentation of Geert Wilders:

Wilders, who in his youth lived for two years on an Israeli moshav in the Jordan Valley, has called Israel “a place where I feel home” and said it was “close to his heart.” He has also called Israel a “canary in the coal mine” and “the West’s first line of defense against Islam.” He has repeatedly said he is arguing for “Judeo-Christian values,” which he says are threatened by Islam in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, Wilders’ opposition — the Socialist Party — “is distrusted by many Dutch Jews for its support of Palestinian causes.” Socialists and the Islamic supremacists who are anti-Jewish do not support the existence of a Jewish state, and will not support the right of Israel to defend itself from jihadist foes. Nor do they even condemn those foes. Leftist antisemitism is blatant in the UK’s Labour Party, beginning with its leader Jeremy Corbyn who openly embraces his “friends” Hizballah and Hamas. In the US, Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have also shamelessly displayed their antisemitism. And in “a sudden switch” in Canada, the Justin Trudeau government now backs the anti-Israel Resolution: “The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.” Yet the Charters which rule and influence the principal groups in the Palestinian territories all call for the obliteration of the Jewish state, including the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s original manifesto, which calls for the “liquidation” of Israel.

The President of the Confederation of Jews in France once declared that “in a few decades, there will be no Jews in France” because of antisemitism. Although Sachedina mentions the exodus of Jews out of Europe on his CTV report, it is featured as if it were exclusively the fault of “racist,” right-wing “populists” such as Wilders and Le Pen. Jews are leaving Europe in droves to return to Israel because of antisemitism, and a significant number of the perpetrators of antisemitic attacks are Muslims, but this fact is omitted in the CTV report.

Members of the Jewish community “described their experiences and persistent fears” in the Parisian suburb of Seine-Saint-Denis, “the former heart of the Jewish community in France.” One of the victims said: I was viciously attacked with an individual by a machete because I’m Jewish.” Another said: “Radical Islamists stuck a knife in my chest. I’m very scared for my family and myself.” “Every day we are attacked. They enjoy it,” said a female member of the Jewish community. In another report from 2018, a rare admission came from Germany’s Angela Merkel in an interview with Israeli TV. Although Merkel has been “much-maligned for her open-door immigration policy, she declared: ‘We now have another phenomenon, as we have refugees or people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country.’”

The face of antisemitism has not changed today. It has merely rebranded itself. Hitler’s National Socialist German Workers Party allied with the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohammed Amin al-Husseini in perpetrating the Holocaust. Most of those who are deemed “populists” today are prudently opposed to reckless immigration, precisely because they advance equality, democracy, human rights and pluralism.

While hate, racism and antisemitism exist everywhere and on both sides of the political divide, the alliance between Leftists, socialists and Islamic supremacists (aka the red-green axis) poses the biggest threat to Jews and the State of Israel today, but it is being ignored. There is a whole industry which is focused on the comparably minuscule threat of “white supremacy.” This term is used broadly to defame individuals who are anything but white supremacist, as the Left spreads its own hate and fuels Antifa violence. They also aim to shut down the freedom of speech, just all totalitarians would. They also ignore the inconvenient truth that Leftist blacks are attacking Jews in New York City, and they refuse to identify and call out the Islamic antisemitism that is rooted in the Palestinian jihad against the State of Israel and that has now made its way into the Western mainstream, increasingly present on campuses and glaringly evident at al Quds day rallies.

It is disturbing to see the Holocaust being politicized by CTV in a cheap shot against “populists,” as the report drives home the premise of identity politics.

It’s worth recalling that it was Trump who declared Jerusalem as the eternal capital of the State of Israel, with full endorsement from his support base, all of whom are routinely ridiculed by the far Left as “populist,” “racist” and antisemitic. Karol Markowicz presented a thought-provoking point in Haaretz illustrating the consequences of willful blindness and political propaganda. She stated: “Trump hatred is blinding U.S. Jews to anti-Semitism from the Left. If it’s over for Jews in Europe, we American Jews should worry we aren’t far behind.” Likewise, CTV’s presentation about “The Politics of Prejudice” has ignored the antisemitism on the Left and from Muslim antisemites in its obsession about “white supremacy.” Ignoring this evil will only allow it to expand, until one day, it may be too late.