crrns_control August 23, 2019

It has come to the attention of the Jewish Defence League that the BDS CD4HR has launched a NEW Facebook page Boycott Israeli interests/products in Canada with the sole aim of attacking Jewish owned businesses, Israeli products and any establishment/company/organization that carries Israeli products or does business with Israeli ‘interests’.

This new BDS page is currently targeting Jewish owned businesses in the Toronto area and has plans to spread this BDS hate throughout Canada.

The following is from the BDS page,

“Please like our new page and share it in groups with all your dear ones and especially to active caring people in your networks. To strengthen the fight for justice, we must strive and sacrifice. Our page is being bombarded by zionists that have been whistle-blowed by their JDL leader this morning. Please show your support and learn about all the products and companies running in Toronto, in Canada, and worldwide that support the illegal occupation and settlement colonialism of Palestinian land. Since leaders won’t stand against heinous war crimes and impose sanctions on the illegal zionist state, then we will hurt their economy and impose our own consequences! They cannot force us to buy israeli products and we will raise awareness about these corporations’ activities!

#Palestine will be FREE! “

The JDL will continue to expose and confront antisemitism from the BDS. The JDL is taking action.

On Tuesday, August 13th, while shopping with her young son at a Mississauga Food Basics grocery store, Sandra Solomon was approached and harassed by a BDS leader simply because she was wearing a Jewish Defence League of Canada “Never Again” shirt. The BDS leader who had his own little girl with him then proceeded to follow her into the store and hurl defamatory slogans at her despite having been asked repeatedly to leave her and her son alone. This harassment continued outside the grocery store. This same BDS leader was seen last Shabbat, taking pictures outside of a Jewish girls day school (Eitz Chaim on York Hill Blvd). The JDL is very concerned that such harassment will take place outside of Jewish Institutions and schools.

This BDS leader in the photo above was at the Garnet Williams Community Centre and at the corner of Steeles and Bathurst spewing antisemitism. He also made it a point to walk around Eitz Chaim, a Jewish Day School in Thornhill. This is the same BDS leader that made a lengthy antisemitic video on a Shabbat outside the B’nai Torah Synagogue. He also led an anti-Israel march through the Jewish community during the walk for Israel. The photos above show him taking pictures of the Eitz Chaim School. This is very concerning. We are calling on the community if they see this person in the community to contact the Jewish Defence League or the police.

This past Shabbat the Jewish Defence League conducted self defence training in the York Hill park in Thornhill. It was very successful. Over 60 people attended.


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