crrns_control March 1, 2021

“Faculty for Palestine was formed in solidarity with, and endorses the, Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israeli (PACBI).”

There exists solid information connecting the BDS with Designated Terrorist Organizations. We will initiate a campaign to have these terrorist enablers banned from Universities. Join our campaign now

The BNC (“BDS National Committee”) has terrorist organizations as part of its leadership. The primary member of the council is the “Council of National and Islamic Forces in Palestine” (PNIF) which is comprised of Hamas, the PFLP, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and two others. In 2018, DonorBox cut funding services to the BDS Movement because of this obvious affiliation.

After DonorBox decided to stop providing its fundraising services to the BNC, it turned to ‘ActBlue Charities’ to continue its fundraising activities, using PACBI (“Palestinian Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel”) as its front instead. However, PACBI and BNC personnel and positions overlap, they share the same website, and PACBI also lists itself as a “member” of the terror-affiliated BNC.

This misleads not only the donors themselves but ActBlue Charities as a platform.

SEND ActBlue Charities an EMAIL to make them aware that their platform is being used to provide financial services to a terror-affiliated group that promotes, and sponsors, hate and violence.

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Contact President of York University Rhonda L. Lenton,