crrns_control April 10, 2018

In a civil lawsuit, a Home Army veteran and two Polish Holocaust survivors are suing a publisher for distributing pro-Nazi propaganda; lawsuit orders the publisher to cease selling and distributing the offending material and requests a published apology and monetary compensation to be paid out to charities of their choosing POLAND – Three Polish citizens […]

crrns_control April 5, 2018

Friday morning, as Israelis prepared for Passover, a mob of 30,000 Gazans, massed along Israel’s border security fence in an attempt to breach the border. The “March of Return” was described by the Gaza news agency Al Aqsa Voice as “a peaceful popular sit- in”. Hurling burning tires, throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails. it was […]

crrns_control April 5, 2018

The Left-leaning media and academia in North America and Europe have become Political Islam’s best advocates. As women in Iran and Saudi Arabia fight against Islamic oppression, which includes mandatory covering of the head and the body – hijab, the Left in the West is hailing it, as a symbol of women’s liberation. Any criticism […]

crrns_control March 30, 2018

The UN Human Rights Council wrapped up it main session of the year by condemning Israel in five resolutions and seven reports. Click here for more. Addressing the Council, UN rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein announced that his office is moving ahead on producing a blacklist of companies doing business over the Green Line, despite […]

crrns_control March 26, 2018

An anti-Semitic caricature vilifying Jews in a Belgium school textbook was recently reported to the International Legal Forum by a member of our legal network. The geography textbook meant for 15 year old students and approved by the Belgium Education Ministry, shows an overweight Jew asleep in a bathtub near an impoverished Palestinian with an […]

crrns_control March 21, 2018

Israel’s 1976 raid on the Entebbe, Uganda airport is one of the most daring, heroic, and successful rescue missions ever. And the trailer for the movie, “7 Days in Entebbe” (Rated PG-13)–in theaters today–pretends to agree with that assessment. But it’s a bait-and-switch, a cruel tease by a poisonous snake. The movie is actually a […]

crrns_control March 17, 2018

The University of British Columbia Geography Students Association (GSA) recently cancelled a rental booking for a private social event at Hillel due to pressure from faculty members in the Department of Geography who insisted on boycotting the event because of Hillel’s pro-Israel position. Boycotting Jews or a Jewish organization because you reject Israel’s right to […]

crrns_control March 17, 2018

I suggest Christians have a more evidence-based right than Muslims to feel they are victims of systemic institutional bias in Canada On Feb. 1, the National Heritage Committee submitted the report called for by the passage of M-103 last winter. M-103 surprised its backers when it turned out not to be the slam dunk they […]