crrns_control January 27, 2018

Four years ago, ISIS began a genocidal assault against the ancient Yezidi people of northern Iraq, that continues to this day. Thousands of men were murdered; thousands of women and girls raped, made sex slaves or were burned alive. Thousands more barely survive in refugee camps. More than 3,000 girls, some as young as eight, […]

crrns_control January 26, 2018

Last week, the US announced its intention to delay a $65 million payment to UNRWA, the United Nations Reliefs and Works Agency. UNRWA is a UN agency specifically dedicated to providing Palestinians with aid. The Trump Administration will be withholding $65 million out of the US’s total annual contribution of over $360 million. The responses […]

crrns_control January 25, 2018

A popular Australian Muslim scholar who has become internationally known for publicly speaking out against radical Islam, slammed Justin Trudeau’s policy of attempting to re-integrate returning ISIS fighters when he wrote on Facebook: “In today’s Canada if you go into a store and commit armed robbery, you will go to jail. But if you join […]

crrns_control January 24, 2018

On January 19, 2018, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities Amarjeet Sohi announced nearly $4 million in federal funding to two organizations working to address radicalization to violence in Alberta. Around $2.2 million over five years will go to the Edmonton Police Service for The Resiliency Project, a collaboration between the City of Edmonton and the […]

crrns_control January 21, 2018

A groundbreaking diversity initiative at Toronto City Hall which pairs 13 Muslim interns to volunteer as aides to city councillors commenced on January 15. The initiative, which aims to increase participation in civic engagement among Muslim youth and build the next generation of Muslim public servants, is hosted by Urban Alliance on Race Relations (UARR), […]