crrns_control December 29, 2018

JERUSALEM — A U.S. software company said Friday it blocked the fundraising account of the Palestinian-led boycott movement against Israel following a complaint by a pro-Israel group that the campaign has links to militant organizations. Donorbox, which makes fundraising management software, confirmed that the BDS campaign’s account was temporarily blocked while it investigates the allegations. […]

crrns_control December 22, 2018

Amnesty International activists delivered a “special Christmas gift ” to the UK Foreign Office earlier this month, to highlight campaigners’ demand for a ban on Israeli settlement produce. The gift was stocked with olive oil, wine, dates, and oranges marked with “Delicious but tainted” stickers. According to Amnesty, “these items are just some of the […]

crrns_control December 21, 2018

According to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), “legal prohibitions persist on access for Palestinian refugees to 36 liberal or syndicated professions (including in medicine, farming, fishery, and public transportation)… In order to work, Palestinian refugees in Lebanon are required to obtain an annual work permit. Following a change in the […]

crrns_control December 19, 2018

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The on-campus boycott, divest, and sanctions movement (BDS) has benefited greatly from the normalizing of anti-Semitism in the US and around the world. The American university is now in many instances a toxic environment for both students and faculty who have an open mind about Israel. Those faculty who risk their jobs, tenure, […]

crrns_control December 18, 2018

Despite being a victim of sex trafficking, the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled that Cyntoia Brown must spend 51 years behind bars for killing a man who tried to have sex with her, fearing he was going to kill her. The ruling has sparked outrage, with many of Brown’s supporters now calling on Tennessee Governor […]

crrns_control December 18, 2018

This week alone, anti-Zionists have killed multiple Israelis in a series of attacks; these follow the revelations that Hizballah succeeded in digging multiple attack tunnels from Lebanon into northern Israel. Simultaneously, some recent news stories in the U.S. have occasioned pious reminders that anti-Zionism should not be conflated with anti-Semitism. Bret Stephens notes that it […]