crrns_control August 10, 2019

THIS SHABBAT Saturday, August 10, 2019 4:00 PM York Hill Park in Thornhill Antisemitism is at an all time high in Canada. In the past two weeks, physical attacks on Jews have taken place in many cities in Canada. The recent antisemitic assault in Thornhill against a 14 year old orthodox Jewish boy in the […]

crrns_control August 10, 2019

FIFTH ANNIVERSARY YAZIDI GENOCIDE; "WE NEED ACTION, NOT JUST WORDS", IRWIN COTLER,FORMER MINISTER OF JUSTICE. Doris Strub Epstein Hundreds gathered together in front of Queens Park under a blazing sun, on Sunday, August 4th, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide. Many of the participants were themselves survivors of ISIS's genocidal attack on […]

crrns_control August 8, 2019

Iran has reportedly recently agreed to increase its funding to the Hamas terrorist group by $30 million a month, according to Israel’s Channel 12 news agency. During a meeting in Tehran with Hamas leaders last month, Iranian officials asked in exchange for the money, that the terrorist organization must collect information on the location of […]

crrns_control August 8, 2019

According to a recent study, Canadain Jews suffers the most from violent incidents and hate crimes than any other minority in the country. They went from 1.752 in 2017 to 2.041 last year. Harassment proves to be the most prevalent form of discrimination against Jewish communities in Canada. In 2018, there were 1809 cases of […]

crrns_control August 6, 2019

August 4, 2019 TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is speaking out after two Jewish boys were assaulted in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area Jewish community. On Saturday afternoon, two boys wearing kippot, or Jewish skullcaps, were walking near the Garnet A. Williams Community Centre in Thornhill when another youth approached them and began swearing […]

crrns_control August 5, 2019

Dr. Mordechai Kedar is an Israeli scholar of Arabic Culture. Listen to THIS piece of fake news! Dr. Kedar explains how Jerusalem is not a Muslim holy city. Dr. Kedar Explains Fake News Dr. Mordechai Kedar explains something that the world will not admit. Fake news has existed for much longer than we think. Muslims […]

crrns_control August 3, 2019

Pro-Palestinian activists cheer as Federal Court says current marking of Shiloh and Psagot wines as Israeli products is ‘false, misleading and deceptive’ Canada’s Federal Court on Monday ruled that wines produced by Israelis in the West Bank can no longer be labeled as “Made in Israel.” Challenging a previous decision by the Canadian Food Inspection […]

crrns_control August 1, 2019

Five years after slaughter, Yezidis here have received minimal government help. Whatever success they are finding is mainly attributable to heroic Canadian volunteers A sombre anniversary approaches. On Aug. 3, 2014, ISIL jihadists invaded the ancient city of Sinjar, the heartland of the Yezidi people. They forcibly converted, shot, beheaded or burned alive 10,000 men […]

crrns_control July 29, 2019

Is Boris Johnson “good for the Jews”? Britain now has its first celebrity prime minister. On Tuesday, Boris Johnson was elected leader of the Tory Party following Theresa May’s resignation over her failure to deliver Brexit. On Wednesday, Johnson “kissed hands” with the Queen and thus succeeded Mrs. May as Britain’s PM. As with all […]