crrns_control March 10, 2020

Almost 50 Yezidi survivors stood before the Ontario Parliament in the freezing snow and wind last Thursday on behalf of  innocent Yezidi youth sentenced to die in Iraqi!  They young men are victims of the ongoing Islamic genocide begun in 2014  in which 10,000  were murdered and over 7000  enslaved according to Yezidi sources. These […]

crrns_control March 9, 2020

Simone Zimmerman is the co-founder (alongside Elizabeth Warren’s radical staffer Max Berger) of the extreme-left self-hating Jewish group IfNotNow (INN), established in 2014. Despite many of its members claiming to be of Jewish descent, INN is known for its vile antisemitism and Jew hatred. This group of “As A Jew” useful idiots works closely with other antisemitic organizations such as Students for Justice in […]

crrns_control March 9, 2020

BAGHDAD — Iraq has held thousands of trials for members of the Islamic State, but until Monday none had sought to bring justice specifically to the thousands of members of the Yazidi religious minority who were kidnapped, raped and killed. A soft-spoken 20-year old Yazidi woman changed that when she decided to testify in open […]

crrns_control March 6, 2020

As I watch American Jews move farther left — and farther away from their Jewish heritage and connection to Israel — I am reminded of the story of the Exodus. Moses ascended Mount Sinai in order to receive the Ten Commandments. During the forty days he spent atop the mountain, the Jewish people became fearful […]

crrns_control March 2, 2020

Rick Steves is a California based notorious Jew hater and a travel enthusiast who has a YouTube Channel with more than 800,000 followers. He also runs well attended travel seminars and has a PBS radio show through which he spreads horrific lies about the State of Israel and his outrageous antisemitic views. At an October […]

crrns_control February 29, 2020

Thursday, February 27, close to 100 Yezidi came from all over Ontario and the U.S. to plead for Canada and the world to stop the execution of two innocent Yezidi young men. The wind, snow and freezing temperatures were horrific but far more terrifying was the complete lack of interest by the media who sat […]

crrns_control February 25, 2020

This is a developing story. NEW YORK (JTA) — More than 50 Jewish community centers in 23 states have received emailed bomb threats since Saturday. None of the threats have been found to be credible, though local law enforcement agencies have been notified. Officials do not know who sent the threats. They targeted Jewish community […]