crrns_control December 26, 2017

On December 23, 2017, about a dozen people staged a protest against President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel in front of the Ontario Legislature.

Three ultra-orthodox Jews from the fundamentalist sect of Neturei Karta (“Guardians of the City” in Aramaic) were bussed in from New York to rally against Israel together with a handful of Arabs.

During a 10-minute rambling screed, one of the Naturei Karta fanatics called Israel “illegitimate, repulsive, unacceptable, evil and criminal”, and made a ludicrous claim that hundreds of thousands of religious Jews stand in opposition to the existence of the State of Israel, even though there are fewer than 5,000 Naturei Karta members worldwide (roughly 0.03% of world Jewry).

“We are here to pray to God, the merciful, the compassionate, to bring an end to the occupation”, the self-styled “authentic rabbi” intoned. “Zionism is like putting a piece of sand in the eye. It’s an irritant. Remove this foreign entity! Remove the Zionist corporation!”

The rabbi ended his diatribe with the “hope” that God will destroy Israel. “God should bring a speedy and peaceful dismantlement of the Zionist State of Israel. Amen and Salam Aleikum”, he said, for which he got applause from the Arabs.

Neturei Karta fundamentalists – a fringe cult shunned and condemned by all streams of Judaism – vehemently oppose Zionism, support the Iranian regime, actively advocate for the destruction of the Jewish State and claim that the Holocaust served as an excuse for the Zionists and their supporters to establish the modern State of Israel.

According to the Zionist Organization of America factsheet, in addition to supporting Iran, a state sponsor of global terrorism which repeatedly calls for the annihilation of Israel, Neturei Karta also consider homosexuality a “sin” which causes incest.

Neturei Karta zealots like to portray themselves as “authentic Jews” by dressing in 19th century garb and selectively quoting from the Torah to justify their core belief that the establishment of a Jewish state prior to the coming of the Messiah is forbidden. They are used by anti-Israel activists as a convenient fig leaf to cover anti-Semites within their ranks.

They often march in solidarity with Arabs during “Global March to Jerusalem” – a series of anti-Israel rallies across the Arab world – and, ironically, they are occasionally beaten by the very Arabs with whom they share a poisonous hatred for the Jewish State.

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