crrns_control November 9, 2019

Anti Israel Gangs Planning To Disrupt Israel Event At York University-JDL Calls For A Jewish Response

It has come to the attention of the Jewish Defence League that anti Israel gangs are planning to disrupt an Israel event planned for November 20th 7:00pm at Vari Hall C York University. The event is hosted by Herut Canada and it will feature some IDF Reservists. Please review the following statements from the anti Israel gangs:


21 hrs·

“EMERGENCY ALERTS should be broadcasted when a IDF soldier walks in part of Canada. Zionists are a danger to all of Canada’s fabric. They either finance the Zionist regimes economy, lobby to silence any criticism or commit war crimes.”

And here: “November 6, 2019”

“The Israeli consulate in Toronto has indicated that military recruiting will be conducted November 11 to 14, 2019. Also, Israeli military reservist personnel are on university campuses including York University from November 18 to 23 according to Herut Canada”

The Jewish Defence League is calling on the Jewish Community to join JDL in responding to these antisemitic/anti Israel gangs. Please contant JDL for additional information. NEVER AGAIN.


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