crrns_control January 27, 2018

Four years ago, ISIS began a genocidal assault against the ancient Yezidi people of northern Iraq, that continues to this day. Thousands of men were murdered; thousands of women and girls raped, made sex slaves or were burned alive. Thousands more barely survive in refugee camps. More than 3,000 girls, some as young as eight, remain in captivity.

Outraged by the feeble efforts of the Canadian government to help the survivors, Renanah Gemeiner likens their desperation to the six million European Jews who died during the Holocaust because they were abandoned by the world. That was the motivation, she says, for founding Canadian Jews and Friends for Yezidis, one of the first groups to declare their support and one of a few today.

On a frigid Sunday afternoon, January 15, standing on the steps of the Ontario Parliament Buildings, dressed in the black of a Yezidi slave, she exhorted “all levels of government” to come to their rescue and that of the other persecuted minorities in Iraq, before it’s too late.

“The Jews were silenced during the Holocaust and the Yezidis are voiceless now. Three thousand are still sex slaves to Muslim men throughout the Middle East following the Islamic massacre three years ago. Canada has brought in over 47.000 refugees from Syria in 2016 alone, among whom ISIS has announced, are ISIS terrorists. Yet less than 1000 Yezidis have been allowed to enter even though they are in the midst ot a genocide!”

Referring to the recent decision of Prime Minister Trudeau to repeal the existing law and allow ISIS recruits to return to Canada with full citizenship rights, she said, “Especially in view of our Prime Minister allowing Canadian born ISIS terrorists to return here – there is no safety for Yezidis.”

“Where are the ‘Me Too’ leaders on behalf of the Yezidi girls who are forced to watch the torture and murder of their parents, then raped to death, or made into bonfires for the amusement of the Muslim villagers?”

I am standing in front of the Ontario Parliament buildings, pleading with all levels of government to rescue the Yezidis and other oppressed minorities of the Middle East.”